Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review: Impulse - Candace Camp

Impulse, by Candace Camp, is a re-release of a book published originally in the mid-1980s.  I will say I'm a fan of Ms. Camp's work, but  I do prefer her more recent writings.  Of the older books I've read though, this was one of the better ones and I did enjoy it.

Impulse is a story of revenge in many ways.  Cam Monroe, a stable boy, and Angela Stanhope, the Earl of Stanhope's granddaughter, were childhood sweethearts.  However, they were discovered one evening, and Angela was forced, by her grandfather, to marry a peer in order to save Cam.  Cam, however, is unaware of this and thinks that Angela chose to marry Lord Dunston to stay within the proper class boundaries and all that.

After Angela's scandalous divorce, she returns to live with her grandmother and mother at the family estate.  Her brother, Jeremy is now earl, and he visits one day with a stranger in tow, a solicitor representing a gentleman who threatens to ruin the family unless Angela agrees to marry him.  Angela has sworn never to marry again (for good reason I must say) but it turns out that the gentleman in question is Cam.

Cam has sworn revenge on the Stanhopes and marrying Angela is part of his plan.  The story of this battle of wills is entertaining, especially as Cam starts to discover the truth.  Angela's former husband, Lord Dunstan, won't go away, and as Cam starts to look into his past, we learn why. I also liked the story of some key side characters, Angela's maid, Katie, who has always stuck by her, and Cam's solicitor, who is probably one of my favorite characters in the story.

I liked the story of overcoming the past and watching Cam and Angela learn to trust and love each other again.  The side story of Cam's family was a bit over the top, but not so much that it detracted from the overall story.  Overall, an enjoyable read from Ms. Camp.

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