Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: Ape House Update

I posted earlier about attending the launch of Sara Gruen's book Ape House here in Des Moines.  After most of my book club attended the launch, we made it our December read.  I had to miss the December meeting, and as a result didn't finish (although I had started!) the book until just today.  I thought I'd post here the bit I wrote on GoodReads.  I enjoyed the book, although in a much different way than I did Water for Elephants.  It moved a bit slow at times story-wise, but overall was a quick read.

GoodReads review: At times the book was riveting, at others it seemed to drag, but overall an entertaining read.  I know I'm partial to the story and author because of the time spent researching here in Des Moines at the Great Ape Trust, but I think the book did a good job at conveying the magnificence, awareness and intelligence of these fascinating creatures.  While very different from "Water for Elephants" it is another interesting book from Gruen and I look forward to more from her.

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