Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Layer Cake Quilt Along, Blocks 4 & 5

All I can say about these two blocks is UGH! But, they are done, and since Block 6 came out today, I am now officially caught up!

Block 4 was a snowball, and I like how it looks now that it's done, but the directions on it were a bit confusing and the snowball part was a bit confusing to me.  I also had the border stars completely reversed initially, but I caught it right before I took the picture, tore it apart and fixed it.  I ended up pulling in some outside fabric for the background, as well as the green part of the snowball.  Again, I like how it looks, but I can't say this is one I would do again on my own anytime soon.

Block 5 was deceptively difficult.  The cutting was easy, the initial piecing was easy, yet somehow, my straight lines became curves on me.  This should be a square with 90 degree angles.  Final result was close but not quite.  I had a ton of re-dos on this one too, but again, DONE!  This one I might try again, just to see if I could actually get it straight.  It was fun, but it's harder than it looks to try to get those 90 degree angles.

Block 6 looks to be another challenge.  I glanced at the directions and am already confused, but I decided I'm just burnt out from doing these two blocks today and I'm going to look at it with fresh eyes over the weekend.

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