2011 - A Year in Crafts

An attempt to catalog projects and crafts I work on (and hopefully complete) throughout the year

My year in Crafts...
  1. Some dishcloths (photo below)
  2. My first crocheted baby blanket!  For Duck, yellow (as mandated by oldest niece) (photo below)
  3. Two cotton flannel baby blankets for my new niece, Duck!
  4. Big Minky Fleece Baby Blanket for Duck
  5. His & Her scarfs :)
  6. Belated Christmas scarf for a fabulous aunt-in-law
  7. Black and gold scarf for DH (shown here on my favorite scarf model) 
  8. GREEN AND WHITE scarf for my brother (Harley Sue greatly prefers this scarf over the other!)
  9. A navy scarf for K
  10. Quilt Blocks 4 & 5
  11. Quilt Block 6
  12. Girl's scarf in varigated pink/red
  13. Quilt Block 7 
  14. A few various fleece blankets
  15. Crocheted black & gold baby blanket (see photo below)
  16. Varigated baby blanket for Baby Z (photo below)
  17. Black and gold scarf for Amelia
  18. Blue & White Scarf for student assistant