Monday, January 10, 2011

Adventures in Cooking - Asparagus, Chicken & Pasta

It's been a while since I've done an Adventure in Cooking, sticking to the old standbys lately (aka I've been lazy).  The last two nights though, I've stepped outside the box.  Last night I did our family version of Swiss steak (which if anyone is interested is easy as pie) and tonight I decided to tackle a new recipe I got via email today: Asparagus, Chicken and Pecan Pasta (sans Pecans). 

What you see above is what's left after dinner it makes a good amount (and I only used 8 oz of pasta vs the 16oz it called for!).  I did a few "tweaks" to work with what we had in the house...two roasted red peppers instead of a red pepper, gluten free quinoa rotelle pasta instead of penne, some celery, no pecans, and a blend of shredded pizza cheese & mozzarella because I was out of Parmesan.  I browned up about 14 oz of Bare Chicken tenders (love that brand), followed the rest of the recipe, and ended up with a fairly quick, but very good, dinner! 

Tonight's adventure has me thinking I need to do these more often.  Lately all we eat are variations of stir fry, risotto, roast and soup/grilled cheese.  Luckily, we both really like all of these, but every once in a while, some variety is a good thing.  These adventures should also be a good chance for me to find some recipes that go along with my goal of doing at least one meatless dinner a week (seafood isn't considered meat for this).  I have to start watching my cholesterol (I shouldn't be old enough for that) and I figure one meatless night a week will help with that!

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