Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Biggest (and Best) Project of 2011

As we move into 2012, I thought I'd share what I consider my biggest and best project from the past year.  Born just this past week, our new addition to the family has blessed us already in so many ways.  Did I get many of the projects on my to-do list crossed off this year?  Not really, but I figure my excuse is good :)  Instead, I have this sweet, wonderful bundle of joy, who I'm sure will keep me so busy he will become my new excuse for not completing projects!

May 2012 bring you all much happiness, joy, peace and love.  Happy New Year!


  1. congrats on your little one!! sounds like our baby boys are only about a week apart. I cant believe he's a month old already! hope motherhood is treating you well. i feel like we are just starting to get into a routine.

    1. Congrats to you as well! It really is amazing and the time is flying by. Everytime I think we start to get into a routine though, little one proves me wrong :) Hopefully soon though, especially since I have to go back to work before too long!