Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adventures in Cooking - Sauteed Chicken w/Roasted Lemons and Wilted Spinach

Today was the latest installment of Adventures in Cooking, with a recipe I picked up from the Facebook page.  It sounded good, so I thought I would give it a shot today, with a few tweaks of course!

The recipe link above called for capers and olives.  Now I don't like olives, and I didn't feel like capers tonight, so I skipped both.  I had chicken tenders (as opposed to breasts) handy, so I used those instead.  With three eaters, two packs almost disappeared quickly!  I used gluten free bread crumbs in the part when called for, and they didn't toast up very well, but still did ok.  I also used the bread crumbs instead of flour on the chicken.  Since I did a double pack of the tenders, I used the whole can of chicken broth, which was about a cup and a half in all.  Otherwise, I pretty much just followed the recipe.  I think it took closer to 45 minutes as I did it, but that was still pretty close to the time called for. I will say it made the kitchen pretty darn smoky...I think it was the toasting of the bread crumbs, but let's just say it's a good thing it was nice enough to have the windows open!

Leftovers were at a minimum, so I took that as a sign of approval!  I'd make this again, especially as we're moving into the warmer weather, as it had a nice light flavor and sauce.  Paired with the spinach and wild rice, this one is chalked up as a success!

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