Monday, November 1, 2010

A New Hobby

I really need a new hobby like I need a hole in my head.  In fact, it's my dear husband who needs a hobby to occupy his time through the winter, but that's a story for another day.  While I don't NEED a new hobby, I've been wanting to learn this one for a long to crochet.

Each of the past two Thursdays, I've taken a couple hours out of the afternoon and attended a "Learn to Crochet" class at a new store in town - Knitting Next Door.  The first class did NOT go well.  I went home afterward and tried to practice, and ended up with some pretty sad looking balls of yarn.  However, something sort of just clicked the second class, and now I'm crocheting up a storm!  I finished my first project yesterday and I'm so excited.  It's modeled here by the adorable Miss Harley.  It's not perfect, by far, but it's so much improved from the initial attempts that it's amazing.  I'm now officially "hooked" (teehee) on crocheting, and have hit up Michaels and Jo-Ann already for supplies (hooks in all sizes, yarn sales, oh boy).

I'm still only working with two basic stitches, the single and the double, but I figure that will keep me busy for a while as I work to perfect those!  I'm hoping there will be a few more basic classes through the winter that will expand my skill set too.  And in the meanwhile, friends and family should be aware that a scarf may be in their future...color requests are accepted ;)

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