Sunday, August 8, 2010

Worship the Sun

I am a sun goddess. Well, I like to think that I was in a former life. As it is, I am far from a goddess, but I do love the sun. I love the warmth on my skin, I love not looking like a ghost. I love nothing more than to sit down with a good book outside (especially when I have the option to go sit in the shade at some point!). However, the sun does NOT love me. The sun sensitivity that many with autoimmune issues have hits me hard. I burn in about 2.2 seconds (sometimes, I think I get red just THINKING about the sun). I get sun rashes and all that related fun stuff, and in general, too much sun makes me feel cruddy. But I love boating and sunshine and so I’ve found ways to manage the sun. I wear a lot of big floppy hats, I should buy stock in SPF 100 spray, and I found shirts like this rashguard from Athleta. If you are sun sensitive, this is an awesome piece of clothing. It is unbelievably lightweight, and despite having long sleeves it does not make you hot, even on 90+ degree days. Air moves right through it, but it has sun protection built into the fabric. And, right now, it’s on sale! Well worth the investment for anyone with sun concerns who loves to be outdoors.
P.S. This is the one I love, but they have several other types on sale too!

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