Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mad About the Duke - October release

Mad About the Duke, by Elizabeth Boyle, was the second of the eGalley books I dove into.  I've read all the others in this series and find them very fun and always entertaining, with a fabulous cast of characters.  I like the way Ms. Boyle flows well, and the story progresses smoothly, always with plenty of moments to make you laugh (or at least snicker).

This is the 7th of the Bachelor Chronicles, and I'm so glad that there are more to come!  Mad About the Duke focuses on the second of the Standon widows, Elinor, and the Duke of Parkerton, brother to Mad Jack, hero of a previous book.  There are lots of familliar characters, a few new ones, and just an overall feel good feeling to the story.  There isn't a lot of drama to the book other than that created by our hero and heroine (we meet the hero as Elinor mistakes him for a solicitor and retains him to help her find a husband, preferably a Duke!), but we do get a deeper looks into some of the family relationships that have been introduced throughout the series.  An enjoyable addition to the series, I look forward to reading the story of the third Lady Standon, Minerva, soon!

The book picks up where the previous book, How I Met My Countess, leaves off (overalpping just a bit) and while not necessary to read the entire series to understand, it would probably be helpful to
have at least read HIMMC to understand the dynamics at work and the backstory of the Standon widows.  If you get a chance though, I do recommend the series as a whole.

Mad About the Duke will be released on September 28, 2010.

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