Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review - Duke's Night of Sin

Last week I was lucky enough to win an advance e-galley of The Duke's Night of Sin by Katherine Caskie.  Thanks to Bev at The Season, I was able to have an early read of the third in Ms. Caskie's "Sin" series.

The series focuses on the Sinclair siblings who have been banished from Scotland by their father for epitomizing each of the seven deadly sins - each as adopted one as their own.  Suisan's story is told in the third installment, following her path to redemption and (hopefully) path to love and return to her father's good graces.  While a bit overly-dramatic/self-sacrificing at times, Suisan is a likeable heroine as she eventually learns to become a person she can be proud of.  While there isn't as much backstory on our hero, the new Duke of Exeter,as I might of liked, he comes off as a hero deserving of our heroine.  A brief mention is made of historical events that I would have liked to have read more about, and I would also have liked a bit more on the family relationships of the Duke (what's done is passing left me somewhat wanting).  The bulk of the story between the hero and heroine takes place outside of London.  Suisan's remaining siblings play only a minimal role in the story, but we do learn that Grant's story will be next, in 2011.

A light, quick, entertaining read, it was perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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