Friday, May 6, 2011

Duck's Blanket

I've been seriously slacking on the posting here lately, although I am managing to keep the book list updated.  While I haven't been posting, I have been keeping myself busy though with a few projects, once of which was my first completed crocheted baby blanket!  This took me so much longer to do then I thought it would, but it turned out pretty darn good if I can say so myself!  My new niece "Duck" arrive March 24, and it was April 24 before I got it to her...I'm pretty sure she didn't notice the delay ;)  Duck's mom even used the blanket in her announcement and baby photos, which made this girl pretty darn proud.  I've got a few more started on this pattern, I'm hoping maybe practice makes faster and things will move along a little quicker with later versions!

The other project I've started is making dishcloths...I thought it *might* be the wrong time of year for making scarves (although the weather doesn't necessarily support that thought) and I wanted a quick and easy dishcloths it is!

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