Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: Lord Langley Is Back in Town

Lord Langley Is Back in Town
Lord Langley Is Back in Town by Elizabeth Boyle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

From Goodreads: Lord Langley and Minerva, Lady Standon, began their faux engagement with three simple rules set down by the baron's all-too-proper (and utterly unlikely) bride-to-be.

1. No more kissing. The intoxicating kiss Langley stole from her lips still has Minerva aflutter.

2. She will not share his bed. (For if his kiss is that tempting, Minerva doesn't dare imagine what a night in Langley's embrace will do to her already addled senses.)

3. No scandals during their engagement. With the infamous Langley back in Town, there is no lack of trouble he can bring to Minerva's unblemished reputation.

Oh, the wily Lord Langley will keep his word—but that doesn't mean he won't use every rakish trick he knows to get Minerva to break her own proper rules, especially once he realizes that this convenient arrangement has led him to the only woman he's ever loved . . .

My Thoughts: I have to say that this whole series from Ms. Boyle is a guilty pleasure of mine. The stories are all a bit, oh, farfetched, perhaps, but that's part of what makes them totally fun and enjoyable. Lord Langley continues this theme with the return of the long-lost father of some of our earlier heroines. From the very start I found myself giggling as I sped through the book in one sitting. If you're looking for a fun escape from reality with a historical setting, this entire series by Boyle is for you.

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