Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life Passes By So Quickly...

Between work, family, getting a house ready to put on the market and keep up with a 4-month old, reading and crafts have moved WAY down on the to-do list.  I've managed a few books here and there, but very few since starting back to work in mid-February.  Sewing time is just non-existent, every once in a while I manage a few stitches on a crochet project or two.  It's all worth it though, to spend time with this sweet little guy!

But, I'm posting today to link over to my most recent post on Baby Z's blog.  It's about a little girl just a month or so older than my little one, who is trying to check items off her bucket list.  Yes, a 5 month old with a bucket list, due to the fact that she has been diagnosed with a genetic disease that makes it unlikely she will survive until her second birthday.  It's heartbreaking, but inspirational and educational.  You can see my post here, and visit Avery's blog here.

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