Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review: One Night is Never Enough - Anne Mallory

Anne  Mallory's "Secrets" series continues with One Night is Never Enough. Interesting characters that are an intriguing blend of your traditional "ton" lords and ladies, as well as those who are on the fringes of proper society.

In One Night, Charlotte Chatsworth is the toast of the town, the perfect young lady and also a supremely unhappy one.  She is but a pawn in her father's plans, which include marrying Charlotte off to the highest possible title, and money, possible.  Believing she has little choice, particularly in light of the fact she has a younger sister she adores, Charlotte presents the face to the world that is needed.  The world is shaken upside down though, when her father includes a night with Charlotte as part of a wager in a card game...and loses.  The winner is not the man who suggested the wager, one of Charlotte's suitors, but instead, the winner is Roman Merrick, one of the most dangerous men in London.  As he gets to know the real Charlotte though, his initial plans are discarded and both he and Charlotte are forced to make hard decisions that affect not only their lives, but those of their closest friends and family as well.

An enjoyable story, if a bit improbable at times, the characters alone make it a good read, beyond just Roman and Charlotte.  Lots of intriguing side characters that I hope we see more of in future books.


  1. sounds a nice read...I came across your blog accidentally. I really liked it.